Introducing Eli Matthew...

May 24, 2013  •  6 Comments

Tuesday, May 7th started out as a normal day.  I dropped Jackson off at pre-school and headed to my OB appointment.  All the while hoping to not go into labor until at least the evening of May 8th.  You see, the afternoon of May 8th was the "Mom's Lunch" at Jackson's school, knowing they had been preparing for it for sometime, I really didn't want to miss it. It's a pretty big deal to a five year old.  So I headed to my doctor feeling no different than I had the previous day.  The nurse checks my blood pressure and it was elevated.  Then my doctor comes in and checks it twice...still elevated.  Then she says, " Well I think I'll send you down to Magee and have you monitored there, since there is this sudden jump....and have you induced.  You're due tomorrow anyways, so it'll be fine."  My reaction was pretty simple.  All I said was, "today!?!?" She said, "Yep, today."  "Did you drive here by yourself?"  "You'll need to have someone pick you up, I don't want you to drive."  So I left the office and frantically called Matt from the lobby of the building.  He was, of course, at work and had to rush home from the South Side.  I tried to stay calm as I ran through the list of things in my head that quickly needed to be taken care of in the next hour or so.  Talk about being hit with a ton a bricks!  Needless to say I didn't make it to the mom's lunch at Jackson's school.  Aunt Nicci filled in fabulously!  

I had been through the induction process with Jackson and I can tell you that all I had been hoping for this time around was to go into labor naturally.  Not to scare any of you mama's to be, but being induced is not fun.  But, at least with Jackson I had a weeks notice to prepare.  Not so much this time. There's nothing like going about your business, having your list of errands for the day, walking into your doctor's office and then being told, "Oh, by the way, you're gonna have your baby today."  I was a little panicked to say the least.  Thankfully my husband is the most level-headed, calm, rational person I know. He is my rock.  And as he greeted me in the lobby of the doctors office, I was already in tears.  Such a huge mix of emotions were running through me.  I was so excited to meet our little boy, but so nervous about the process.  I also kept thinking about how Jackson was going to feel.  His world was about to be turned upside down and I was a little sad that my baby had woken up as an only child that morning for the last time.  So after leaving the doctor's office we headed straight to Jackson's school to pick him up.  Next stop home to grab our bags, take Jackson to my in-laws, and then we were off to have a baby.

 I was induced at 6:10 pm on Tuesday, May 7th, and Elijah Matthew Giehll was born right on his due date, May 8th at 7:06am weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and 20 inches long.  So tiny and perfect, he stole the hearts of both Matt and I immediately. Those precious first moments are so amazing, there are not words fitting to describe.  We have adjusted nicely to being a family of four.  Jackson loves his baby brother and has been a great little helper.  So far, Eli is just like his dad, calm and easy going.   I have to say that I can not imagine this being the last time we welcome such a wonderful gift from God into our lives.  We just might have to try for the little girl.... eventually :) 


I took my camera to the hospital with the intentions of having my own little mini photo session, but I can tell you that didn't happen.  I am so thankful for the talent and services of Bella Baby Photography, who are contracted through Magee Women's Hospital.  Our photographer Dawn, was awesome! She quickly captured these next few beautiful images of Eli in the comfort and privacy of our hospital room.  I am so glad I have these along with the snap shots I took with my trusty point and shoot.

Only one day old...



Some first images from home.  They say that having a baby makes you fall in love with your husband all over again.  I have to agree...



A few days after being home we were feeling a little more settled, and I finally got to have my own photo session with our little peanut...



I am in love with these next few images.  Taken on my bed, super simple, super sweet...gorgeous natural light! 



Matt and I have a new favorite phrase..."the boys".  It brings a smile to my face every time I get to say it, and I try to say it as often as possible.  So,  here are "the boys" :)



Eli not only has an awesome Big Bro, but some pretty proud parents too...


L O V E  my boys!!




Welcome to our crazy, loving, wonderful family Eli! We couldn't image life without you! 







Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary(non-registered)
Great photos, Congratulations. We couldn't be happier for you.. You will be missed at the beach this year, but there is always next year.
Aunt Tara(non-registered)
Brought tears to my eyes!! Feeling so blessed to call these boys my nephews!! Love you guys!!!
Aunt Toni(non-registered)
Nothing like a happy cry on a Saturday morning. Oh my goodness. Congrats ! Love you all!
Mom & Dad Swartzlander(non-registered)
Tears of joy are flowing! Beautiful!
Rebecca McQuown(non-registered)
Awesome story and photos! Congrats to you all :) Cant wait to meet the new little guy
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