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April 30, 2013  •  4 Comments

So here it goes...I've decided it's time to start blogging!  I am totally new to this side of reading many blogs, especially those of fellow photographers.  

I've had many things on my "to do list" when it comes to my photography lately.  Probably because it has been quite some time since my last session and my creative juices are over flowing! If you aren't already aware, I've been on photography hiatus while awaiting the birth of my second son....due in T-minus 8 days!!!! .  

I  finished up my final shift as bartender this week, at my part-time job at The Sharp Edge Brasserie. Thank you to all of my co-workers and regulars who have been so sweet and supportive while I was doing my best to keep up with the pace of a busy bar.  I look forward to stopping by this summer to enjoy a few brews and of course to show off the new baby.  It's really an odd feeling, after five years, knowing that I will not be back there until sometime in August.  I am so thankful to be able to be a "stay at home mom" this summer and enjoy my boys and hopefully be able to concentrate on my photography business that much more.   I can't deny that I am also looking forward to enjoying that first "full" beer after having the baby. The little sips of hubby's beer or small little tastes of the latest brew at work really just haven't cut it.  It was not easy being around all of that deliciousness for the past 39 weeks.  So a few months back I started carefully selecting a bottle to take home after each shift and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the options I will soon have to chose from :)  

So while my "to do" list and belly continues to grow, I am happy to say that I have checked off a few things that I have been wanting to accomplish.  I've revamped my pricing and sessions, updated my personal likes and loves, and now launching this blog! My pregnancy nesting hormones are in overdrive and checking these things of my list is basically keeping me sane :)  

I am super excited that our son Jackson, plays his very first T-ball game this Saturday.  Our family, especially my husband, faithfully roots for the Pittsburgh, Pirates every year hoping that this could be the end to their twenty year losing streak.  There's always hope right?!? I love capturing these moments between father and son.  They really are the best of friends.  


Also to satisfy my love for photography during my hiatus,  I of course have to photograph the new spring blossoms.    I always look forward to taking those trips to the local farms to find the perfect combination of flowers and hanging baskets to bring home. Jackson loves to collect the fallen petals from the ground and of course is always willing to help plant them and play in the dirt.   My camera has been busy capturing tons of new spring life.  I guess it's only fitting that soon I will be capturing the images of my newborn son...of course my first scheduled session back on the job! I can't wait to share those precious first images with you all.  



Stacey Hargenrader(non-registered)
Mandy~I loved reading your blog and viewing your photos! I'm so excited for you.....<3 Miss & Luv ya!
Tonya Swartzlander(non-registered)
Very nice! Loved all the pictures.I'm sure, dad and I will make it to one of Jackson's games.
I love this! Its great! Its nice to have a update since you guys don't live that close! I am really looking forward to seeing that new little baby!
Oh I can't wait!
Tara Carroll-sister(non-registered)
I enjoyed reading this!!! Made my day!! Wish I could see Jackson play his first game! Matt and I will make it to one soon!! Love you!!
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